2010, new me, new blog?

something like that la
i've got a new blog specially for 2010

it's a life of a 17.

and also... the chatbox is linked to this blog and my current blog...
so try not to get confused with the contents of the chatbox when necessary xD


Monday, March 30, 2009

it's going to be a tough climb up that ladder...

but i WILL climb it no matter what.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


i love dancing!
and i only went for ballet when i was standard 3? for a while only though
that was my only dance lesson until now... still none...
i can learn steps from ppl but i learn by watching youtube over and over again... xD
dont know why... but this is just it. lmao

i miss cheer.
those days when i was the flyer. more dancing. meeting friendly and nice ppl. stunting. jumps.
unless i try out for CHARM then i could revive the spirit?
but it seems impossible though... *sighs

weird. but i wanna learn singing... *dreams to be an SM trainee~*
i dont think i can sing well... o.o

owh. and i have terrible stage fright.

online spaces.
*friendster, facebook*
they both DIED.
i dont know what to do with them... haha
now... blogging is taking over me
but i'm loosing topics to post... ><
everytime i think of something to post i'll rethink and NOT post it... -.-
one serious case timm.
my mind flies from one thing to another in a snap.
usually happens when i've got nothing better to do...

chocolate-obssessive-syndrome chocolate!
even my day starts with chocolate! milo!
and if there is a supply of koko crunch at home, i'll surely bring some to school to eat.
sometimes my friends will buy some chocolates from 7-11 and i'll get to eat some during tuition.
i just cant have enough of it! ><
which means korean wave strucked
i always want to know the latest songs in korea
especially those that i love!
and spreading it in school myself... ^^ *example: gee virus * xD

i look forward to everyday
cos you'll never know what might happen next... =)

i am one freakin weird person.

Friday, March 27, 2009


today i saw a gay couple...
one dressed as the female
the other was an african american
from far it seems like one very weird couple
cos they are both the same height
and the 'girl' does not have the girl figure but more manly like
as i was headed their way...
i realised the 'girl' was a guy in female clothings... -.-
dang... it looked darn weird...
that happened when i went ioi this afternoon... o.o

it's been raining and thundering for the past three days
on wednesday it was a storm...
all i knew was... it was thundering and raining heavily
when i was on the way to school the next day
noticed alot of uprooted trees and branches all over the road
classrooms had puddles of water too...
*reminds me of the storm @ 2006...*
only this time i slept in... ^^

i am
16 years old
1 month
1 day
young! ^^
haha *bored*

i should stay away from shopping malls...
make me spend money oni... ><

my results for this time's exam isnt good enough
could've studied but i didnt -.-
see the results la! stupid me.

lolli lolli lollipop!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hols- 25march

holiday i did nothing
eat sleep online tuition
i barely studied
plus i was headed for a monthly test right after the hols
i woke up saturday morning and i was worried
worried that i might fail badly for the test
but i still wasted my time sitting in front of this... computer
now that i've finished my test...
i regret not studying enough
dont understand the question, got confused with the answers, silly mistakes
this is what happens when i dont study...
no point regretting already...
just need to study AND make sure i study for the next one... =)

stupid msn did not start up today
so i downloaded the latest msn...
which i hope is not a mistake
cos so far it is v.e.r.y confusing... @@
i got to nap today!! ^^
and i read some book... re-read actually...
was reading it then the images of the story came to my head
but i couldnt see it was that particular book i was reading...
then i realised... xD
owh well
i like the story anyways... re-read is alright... =)
that is if i have the time to read... haha
owh... two weeks of homework is still incomplete...

march had been a relaxing month compared to the previous two months...
and i still miss sleeping...
been staying up late for the past two nights trying to do some last minute studying... ><
and i've been hyper for the past two days as well...
*what is wrong with me? xD* hyper is good! ^^ only problem is whether i irritate the ppl around me... o.o

the thunder scared me
i hid under my blanket
and slept... ^^

Thursday, March 19, 2009

19 March o9

i received this chain mail...
and in it has descriptions of each horoscope...
mine says...

PISCES - The Partner for Life

Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. Messy at times and irresponsible! Smart but lazy. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Passionate, wonderful lovers. Fun to be around. Too trusting at times and gets hurt easily. Lover of animals. VERY caring, make wonderful nurses or doctors. They always try to do the right thing sometimes get the short end of the stick. They sometimes get used by others and hurt because of their trusting. Extremely weird but in a good way. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet. Good friend to other but need to be choosy on who they allow their friends to be. 5 years of bad luck if you do not forward.

screw the 5 years of bad luck...
i dont like chain letters for that reason...
they ask u to pass it on and 'curse' u if u dont pass it on... -.-

what you think about this description?
does it match me?

what i think...
"Caring and kind" : a little?
"Smart" : maybe?
"Center of attention " : er....
"Messy at times and irresponsible" : i am VERY messy.... =D irresponsible... am i?
"Smart but lazy" : lazy yes. smart?
"High appeal" : what is this?
"Has the last word" : i do?
"Good to find, hard to keep" : oo... reli?
"Passionate, wonderful lovers" : wow?
"Fun to be around" : other than irritating them... yeah!
"Too trusting at times and gets hurt easily" : ah... happens when i expect too much... *learnt from it*
"Lover of animals" : YES!
"VERY caring, make wonderful nurses or doctors" : never thought of being one...
"They always try to do the right thing sometimes get the short end of the stick" : huh?!
"They sometimes get used by others and hurt because of their trusting" : o.o
"Good Sense of Humor" : being THE humor more likely...
"Thoughtful" : which thoughtful is this? other than the thinking ALOT... cos i do think alot... -.-
"Always gets what he or she wants" : i like this. but not ALWAYS!
"Loves to joke" : but always ended up BEING the joke...
"Very popular" : o.O?!
"Silly, fun and sweet" : sweet?! how??
"Good friend to other but need to be choosy on who they allow their friends to be" : hehe... true.

well if possible... i need ur opinion too! =)

*this is a s.p.a.m* XD

i am a pisces-ean!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


everyone is lonely
eventhough one looks cheerful and happy on the outside
he or she is bound to have a dark and lonely spot at heart.

we try to ignore this spot
but as days pass by
it resurfaces somehow
and sometimes it never goes away

when it hits...
some will go 'emo'
some will go crazy
some will cry it out
some will try to ignore it again
some will make a fuss out of it'
some will overcome it

whichever it is...
it's there
and it might haunt us till the end
but it all starts and ends with u.

Monday, March 16, 2009

sixteen o3 o9

the flight yesterday morning was not that good
couldnt get to sleep like a pig like i wanted...
learnt now... that i have to try avoiding midnight flights in the future...
it's like the time when we have to sleep but u cannot sleep? *huh?*

got home tried to sleep but couldnt...
didnt really do much yesterday
just sleeping watching tv eating...
i tried studying a little...

Super Junior is back!!! ^^
i was spazzing yesterday night... ><
youtube-ing their latest hit "Sorry Sorry" and "Why I Like You"
i want their album!!! huhu...

SNSD won their 9th consecutive week!!
now i'm hoping it'll be Super Junior's turn! hehe


Saturday, March 14, 2009

14th March o9

where did i go yesterday?

ah yes!
sovereign hill!
well i figured it wasnt 'seiving' the gold but it was actually 'panning' for gold =)
sovereign hill was a gold mining area at around 1880? lol
*that number keep appearing everywhere at that place...*
first entered we smelled horse poo... -.-
there were many school kids around*school trip... ahhh good for them! >< *
then we went to watch some play/show on the street
hrm... i didnt like the show...
watched how they made the gold bar... fascinating.
i like the candy making session *was practically spazzing on the sugar that the person was making*
we got to go down a mine... a mini mine that they made for us tourist to visit
okie i did not enjoy this thingy
it was dark... ._.
when we finished see-ing the things we went and try panning some gold
it was interesting...

we had seafood dinner last night!
i didnt remember why i didnt eat oyster before so i ate one and liked it
then when i was squeezing some lemon on two more oysters one of it shrinked a little
that made me remember why i didnt eat oyster before... duuhhh oysters ALIVE is the best?! ><
then i didnt dare to eat the oysters
but i had to eat up the two i took earlier... this time i didnt enjoy it...
owh! i got to eat lobster for the first time that day! ^^
and i was the only one who was patient enough to dig the crab's and the lobster's legs to eat the meat? lol
*full full* ^^

talking about chocolate...
since here... i've been...
eating more gelatos (chocolate twice or 3x)
chocolate-d food
drinking chocolate-d drink

i remembered this phrase when i was chatting with regina days back...
"me and rachel miss u gee-ing" or something similar...
gee much, but i didnt stop gee-ing even when i'm here... keke
Super Junior is back!!!! yeay!!!!!!!!!
but i didnt have the chance to listen to their songs yet... T.T
thinking how to get their album...

i'll be on a plane home tonight! ^^
1.20am here... 10.20pm malaysian time...
eight hours flight... o.o
the wind is blowing stong now... *scary*
i hope it will die off soon...
dont want to get stuck at the airport waiting for the wind to die... ><
also dont want delay... eight hours is worrying me already...
hopefully i'll get to sleep *like a pig* during the 8 hour... hehe

once home...
i need to study *exam!! >< *
finish homework *a lot of homework*

hurh... my sore throat havent recover
but i couldnt stop myself from eating chocolate! *and other food*
so my voice sounds... different... o.o

my voice sounds awesome!!! xD

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 march o9

it's been 5 days since i last posted...
i wasnt feeling well yesterday
it started with a sore throat then that night i had fever...

things that happened from 8th-12th march
lunch barbeque
*supposed hot-air-balloon trip*
went to walk around melbourne city
and the town nearby my cousin sister's house, camberwell
yesterday we went to mornington peninsula...
i realised i shopped the most? haha...

8th march
walked around camberwell

9th was sunny! *and hot...*
had barbeque on a park
learnt that ppl here barbeque in the afternoon instead of at night...
and... when there's sun... ppl can be seen sitting on the grass under the sun enjoying it...
*unlike us malaysians... we try our best to escape from the sun... keke*
and it's labour day in melbourne on that day...
so there's more ppl at the park...

woke up at 4am 10th march
supposed to go on a hot air balloon trip
but the weather wasnt suitable
so we couldnt go up... =(
came back home and slept
once we had enough of sleep
we took the train from camberwell city to flinder's street(melbourne city)
tourist much we were taking photos of the buildings around... hehe
shopped for some souveniers...
took the city circle tram *free* that *as the name says* circles the city
visited St.Patrick Cathedral... it was really nice... *this would be the first big church i've been to?*
after that we went across the Yarra River to southgate?
and hanged around there for awhile before going to Eureka tower...
i'm not sure how tall this Eureka tower is
but we went to the observation deck which was at 88th floor...
i only know that the tallest building for now would be The Burje, Dubai?

mornington peninsula
beach plus hills?
cos there were beaches and in there is a hill nearby...
*lol... i'm bad at explaining this... ><*
well we went to this place where there many mazes... *about... 5? including mini ones*
lol in the first maze i got seperated from everyone else and i was last to exit the maze...
then i got lazy to go to the other mazes... hehe
there was another bigger maze, the maize maze
didnt go for that one cos it's much bigger than the one we first went... haha
after that we went to some strawberry farm...
this one... i'd prefer cameron highlands.. =)
went to Red Hill estate...
tried some wine but only sips...=P
then went to some beaches on the way back to the city
i like beaches!

but the wind was too strong... *and i wasnt feeling well...*
so i didnt really enjoy it... ><

today we didnt do much
walk at some supermarket
bought some groceries
and some wines...

i've been trying to look for inspiration for ye product...
can't think of anything yet... ><

things unmanaged to do:
carry koala...
see kangaroo
no wombat?
where's the platypus?!

at least i saw one echidna
*it was rolling itself when we were near it... =( but it still looks cute*
a snake...
*which stunned me , didnt dare going near it... ._. *
*i saw one sleeping wallby... sooooo ccccuuuuuttteeeee!!!!!!!*
*they look lazy... ._. *
* the ^^ says it all*
* i saw this cow which i find cute cos it has big eyes... hehe*
*saw some hairy cows and black cows too... xD*
*didnt really notice much of them... hrm....*
*can see them anywhere! with their owners' of cos...*
*the chickens at ChurchHill Island(from the previous post) were having some crowing competition or something... haha*
*horses with loooonnggg manes... they look like pretty girls... =) *

will be seiving some gold tomorrow
need some sharp eyes?
*i havent cut my finger nails since i came here.... -.- *
*and my pimples pop out more... >< *

exam... o.o

Saturday, March 7, 2009

7th march

i forgotten to mention that i am in melbourne, australia in my previous post... ><

i realised that the roads here are mostly straight...
and i mean straight!
the city is the only place with tall buildings
which u cant see any other than the city...
u know when u see houses for sale and sold signs?
here, they use the word lease instead... example, sold=leased...
owh and i like the road signboards, they're all in english... haha!
yes... it is still cold...

today we visited phillip island
about an hour and a half drive from melbourne
main attraction... wildlifes ^^
first we stopped by churchill island... some heritage garden or something
i find this place kinda boring... ><
then we went to koala sanctuary? i forgot the exact name... but it's koala something
spotted some wild koalas... *yeay* they look lazy but still cute! ^^
i wonder how they can stay up on the tree when the winds are quite strong
somehow they manage to sleep like normal when the tree sways...
had lunch at 'Cowes' *it's a town...*
fish and chips *the chips were salty*
then we were off to the nobbies centre?
hrm... i dont really know how to describe this place though...
other than the super strong winds that i actually budged a little when it blew...
and there were some dead seagulls around the mountain...
and some penguins changing feathers... which i was being the phsyco one snapping the pics of them under the boardwalk...
owh and i had more ice cream! ^^
we then went to this swan lake?
it's like jumgle trekking only with wider walking path...
first we saw a wallaby then an echidna*this one so cute!!! look like porcupine ni! ^^ *
then we saw... a snake...
i didnt get to take pic of the snake...
was stunned to move closer to it... lol
then more wallabies and some different types of birds and ducks? and a swan... black swan...
penguin parade!! ^^
so freggin cute!!! average height only about 30cm tall!!!
we were to watch them come to shore
but most of the penguins werent brave enough and followed the one who was the bravest among them...
it's frustrating to watch them stand at the beach thinking and then dive back into the sea...
again and again and again and again...
everyone yay-ed for the penguins when they finally come to shore...
they were about 4-5 groups of 8? penguins
the way they walk is just too cute!!!!!!!!

hrm... my post seems boring today...
well it's three am here now...
need to sleep
take care darlings! ^^


Friday, March 6, 2009

6th March

13 degree celcius
when the wind blows, my fingers and face goes numb...
i think it's dry
and if i dont drink water..
i get side effects... T.T
even when it's cold... these ppl still go jogging?
i like the houses here... it's different than in malaysia...
and they've got more trees than us... -.-
it's three hours ahead now...
gahh... cold~
water from the tap is drinkable...
owh... and because there's not enough room, i sleep in the living room...

yesterday 8 hours flight i spent watching movies
-twilight *again*
-meet the robinsons
-one ep of simpsons
-one ep of hannah montana
-half of one ep of ben 10...
and i tried doing some add maths questions
but didnt really understand how to use the formula-s... @@

went to mt.dandenong
there is this park where there are birds around
they are so *freggin* tame
they just fly to ur shoulders if they want to...
but they only come to you if you've got food... haha
maybe they've eaten too much
that even when u run towards them they just walk out of your way
we had italian for dinner
then gelato after that... * ^^ *

it's twelve here already...
and i've got to wake up at... six thirty tomorrow...
going to see penguins! aahh!! ^^
hopefully i can stand the cold tomoro...
it's going to be windy... cos it's at some island... phillip island?

things i want to do...
- see koala
- carry koala?
- *study...?*
- eat!
- i dont know....

*i miss home already... >< *


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


3rd march

multiples of three... lol

i felt tired today
was kinda quiet today as well...
yesterday i read something suspicious
but i didnt really bother
knowing they wont tell me if i asked anyhow...
ye members had a 'surprised' bday party for me today
the surprise failed cos i entered the room too early while they were still preparing the cake...
i felt really awkward...
didnt noe how to react to the situation...
they even got me two bars of chocolate and 24 pieces of ferrero rocher!
which i shared it with my fellow ye members...
plus the cake was... the WHOLE cake was CHOCOLATE!!!
they knew i was a chocolate freak... lol!!!
then we continued with ye meeting

thank you! all of you!! ^^

stay back til six... O.O
*I WANT LUNCH!!!!!! >< *

then thursday...

*i am worried bout my coming exam... ><*


Monday, March 2, 2009

22/2 - 2/3

it's been a week since i last posted havent i?

okie i dont think i remember much...
cope with me will ya? ><

what happened on monday?
mssd was one h**k of an experience
i couldnt even reach my own record...
*if only i could reach it... i could've gotten at least 3rd placing*
yeap... i was disappointed with myself
will try again next year~
forget me...
i was there to support my own team too!
well i did shout til my voice went off...
and i also get to meet some of my friends!
wei liang,* this guy couldnt recognize me at first... TT* and ewern.
and i got to know some new friends! =)
also got to be closer friends with fellow mssd participants from smk pbp1... =)

thursday was my birthday...
there was yvonne's , li wen's and tiffany's(f5) birthday as well!
it was sivic when teacher suddenly came to the back and said 'it's somebody's birthday today is it?' then she wished me happy birthday
then she was saying something to regina which i did not understand at first
regina then said "can we sing a birthday song for kah sim?" i was like... "huh?!" *along with the whole class... xD* then they sang me a birthday song...
i didnt know what it felt like when the whole class sings ur bday song til that day...
was overwhelmed...
i received some presents too...
thank you everyone! ^^

friday... went pyramid to get yvonne's bday present and shopped a little...

tuition 9 to ten thirty am
then went to school to help out with some ye thing-y... til three?
yvonne's party was next... 5ive til ten pm...

sports day...
first there was this senamrobik thingy
we were watching some students following the instructers infront... which was quite boring
then some teacher went to the centre of the field joining them...
suddenly i tought of joining
so i tagged my friends and say... come v join also!
they were like come come but they backed out just before entering the middle of the field
then i stopped thinking should i go or not
good thing ei jean was with me and i pulled her along to the middle
then ppl started to join in too! ^^
i participated in running this year * i didnt last year*
i wasnt really that nervous but i was thinking that i wont win anything since there were better runners... then it was our turn...
i won?
4x100m... my team wasnt lucky...
they were 3rd place when the baton reached me... *last runner*
so i was thinking it's okay will try my best anyhow...
once the baton reached me... i tripped... someone's foot got in the way of my other foot...
couldnt catch up... didnt win...
i was a little moodless in running already
but i still told myself and try to go as far as i could
ran-ran-ran till the last hundred metres... my leg died out on me...
i tried to push myself but i keep loosing balance *almost trip also*
once i ran across the finish line i collapsed
i didnt have any energy left to move...
lucky enough and managed to get 2nd place...
this year... i got 3 gold 1 silver
and i got olahragawati title for p1 and school(overall)
the last time i got this was 2005? primary six...
i never thought that i would actually have the chance to win this in this school...

is smk pbp1's school holiday!
we needed it...
7days a week returning to skool everyday?! ><

5th march - 14th? - ......... ...
17th march- lynedee's bday
23rd to 25th march - monthly exam?

it should be less crazy as jan and feb...

everyday something unexpected will happen! yeay! xD

-this week i've been emo almost everyday-