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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i feel like complaining
can i complain?

i seriously dont understand ppl
worst still me
*as in i dont even understand myself*


and sometimes you just CANNOT tolerate certain things anymore
"everything has got it's limits"?

and why?


owh wow.
dao dao is crying/barking in his dreams?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28th April

i didnt die yesterday
nobody actually asked me why i spent that much
plus, i found out there were actually not enough!
*the things for the name keychain*
so much for worrying... ><

yesterday right after school went to Minn's house to bake cupcakes for today's sale
which was about... 2.30pm
i was there till 6pm?
i didnt really check the time... haha
this time i didnt had the mood to decorate those cupcakes
not really bothered this time it seems... ><

i broke my phone last thursday...
wanted to release some tension by throwing a pillow
without realising my phone was in my left hand
*raises both hands - throws pillow+phone - crash - six pieces lying all over the floor*
first reaction : stunned
next reaction : panic
following reaction : worried trying to fix it
then : almost cried
after that : gave up, uses old phone...
until now...
i told my auntie, she first said that i intended it... * T.T *
then after tuition she told me that she could give me 500 to get a new phone
but i didnt want to
my mom called after that
she also offered me to get a new phone
still insisted
until today that is... started to search for a new phone... =)
the current one that catches my attention would be W760i
still prefer sony ericsson phones NOW, i like slide phones!
well thanks to the not-so-nice flip phones from sony ericsson
that's why i prefer slide phone now...
because i cant play my korean songs whenever i want to already... =(
my old phone is still working for now...
will use it for as long as i can? lol

i wasnt really involved with today's sale
since it's career day at my school
i decided to check some colleges/universities out
my gosh
i dont even know anything
from what i want to be, what type of courses availabe, what colleges/universities do,
to practically everything... -.-
taking brochures from each booth that seems interesting
and wondering if they'll tell me things i don't know anything of
some did but i think i'll forget them soon... ><
*JYE! KOR! pls tell me something soon...*
but it seems like all the colleges/u offers business but not much of science subjects...
really blurrr...

then in class i was suddenly laughing like some drunkard person
for half an hour
til my cheeks hurt and i even had tears


Sunday, April 26, 2009

personalised keychain!

hello there!
i'm from ye and we're selling a personalized keychain
to order pls copy, paste in my comment box and fill it up!
last day to place your order is 1st May 09!!!

the price is as follow:

each alphabets
from a - z and also the heart shape
rm2 each

strap colour ranges from :
glittery blue,
glittery dark blue
glittery white
glittery black
glittery green

we're offering the lowest price possible!!
the glittery straps are limited!
first come first served! hehe

strap colour:

YE program smk pbp1

who'd knew getting nagged at could get SO FREAKING tiring?
i know now...

well here is an introduction to YE Program i'm participating

AMCHAM introduced the Young Enterprise (YE) Program as a community education program in 1989, with the purpose to enable Malaysian Form-4 students (16-year olds) to become entrepreneurs, by creating and managing their own companies. This extracurricular activity enables the students to understand how business works, through hands-on creation, development, and management of their own companies. The program enables participants to develop skills in teamwork, business acumen, and other areas that will enable them to become stronger leaders and entrepreneurs in the future.

The YE Program is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development. Since its inception, more than 10,000 students have participated in this program. In 2007, 36 schools and more than 1,000 students in Penang and the Klang Valley participated in YE.

The Young Enterprise Program (Program Pengusaha Muda Malaysia) is similar to the same program in the United Kingdom, which is more than 40 years old. Malaysia is the first country in this region to introduce Young Enterprise in secondary schools.

AMCHAM remains committed to supporting and expanding this program to reach as many students as possible.

NOTE: "purpose to enable Malaysian Form-4 students (16-year olds) to become entrepreneurs, by creating and managing their own companies"

and Mr. Nathan and Ms. Kris has been appointed to guide our company by AMCHAM.
so where does our teacher advisor stand in this program?
apparently it's not stated...
but... our teacher advisor, also my history teacher, Cik Noraini seems to be taking over the company
deciding what to do with the money
what to sell
and... she doesn't bother listening to Mr.Nathan
and making her own decisions... without asking us or what-so-ever
owh and she's racist too...
QUOTE: "budak cina akan beli lebih kan? sebab budak cina lebih kaya."
*though not completely exact* but this is what i understood
she said that infront of all of us members...
i know we have to respect her because she's our teacher
but she's going completely overboard and we can't say anything...

so yesterday i went out to Plaza GM with teacher to buy some products for tuesday's sale...
going into every shop... she asked us to buy almost everything that caught her eyes...
to her, she thinks we could sell anything...
but as a company, we need to think strategically and be cunning on how to manage the money, what to buy, how to sell, etc. etc. right?
and shouldnt it be us, students who are suppose to do the deciding part?
also, teacher's mind was never in line with us...
her own ideas WE must buy
or she'll start saying, we're not listening to her...

all this while i've been thinking, isnt teacher advisors suppose to advice instead of telling us what to do? a teacher responsible for advising students on academic matters.
seems that i'm right.
dictionary wise that is...

back to the shopping moment,
because i couldnt really decide myself but the money is with me and no other members were with me *other than edwin* we both we drilling our heads of on whether to buy or not.
with our teacher there telling us TO BUY we both were worried what if our members wont like the products we bought...
good thing we had another teacher advisor *which is nothing like Cik Noraini*, Pn. Yuza with us
it helped us decide a lil better...

when we got home...
pn. yuza dropped me and cik noraini at school
by right... cik noraini was suppose to wait till i got home before leaving
but she doesnt give a damn about me...
if i got kidnapped... it would definitely be her faultFULLSTOP!

total spent: seven hundred plus
gained: worry madness, main teacher advisor's attitude
conclusion: dead tired + emo

what i've stated may be a mistake
i apologise
but this is my view on things that is happening to me

will see what'll happen on monday


Thursday, April 23, 2009


also means that you hate yourself
in other words... emo?

there are times
-when u feel that the whole world is against u
-when nobody bothers bout u
-when blame urself for everything
-when u regret the things u've done

but there is a benefit in this..
this shows that you're thinking
and you're trying to make things better

but you need to know that
there is someone out there who cares bout u
and they are willing to help u through ur rough times

23rd April

this week i've been pretty free
but i've been really frustrated with myself this week...
first. i cant wake up on time *in other words late for school*
second. i keep falling asleep early
third. i could not get myself to study for exam
fourth. seems that i keep getting into trouble with everything i do
fifth. have got no money to spend
well... i dont want to complain...
but i am really really frustrated with myself...
i dont know why is this happening to me... =(
it's okay... i'm sure things will get better soon... =)

hrm... went to some "marketing talk"
where they tell us about how to market our product *ye*
and marion caunter's sister was the speaker...
the first time i saw her... i was thinking that she looked like somebody... but i wasnt sure who
then when they were introducing her, Staphanie Caunter... that instant i knew...
Marion Caunter's sister.. haha!

owh... that was monday!

ye teacher was 'lecturing' us...
now i'm really confused by who should i listen to.. hrm...

we had a rehersal for 'prize giving ceremony' this saturday
went psycho and started to sing and dance any korean songs that came to mind...
rachel and regina joined in soon after... haha
we needed to bow to the crowd first before going to the 'person giving certificate' and bow again and then look at the camera , smile then walk down...
at least the psycho part didnt bore me... =D
we didnt get to study... both 4a and 4b... because majority got prize to receive...
we had to wait downstairs at the open hall for... two hours
just to walk up the stage and do that walk-bow-walk-bow-thankyou-take-look-pose-walk series...

made some flyer with rachel yesterday before spazzing over super junior... ^^

had to go thru that two hour series again today
this time there were chairs to sit...
and no hyperness...

weirdest part was...
Gee and Sorry Sorry had no effect on me...
first time!
*i was that emo? =(*
but i got over it once i had some alone time just now.... =)
*reason for emoness is stated at the top of this post...*

hrm... i cant think of anything else to tell...

what is gonna happen next? =)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

"maybe prince charming will cruise through...?"

my sis posted that to this photo in my facebook...
the pic is nice
but not me... TT
plus the description does match this pic..
*so when will he ever come?*

Friday, April 17, 2009

17th april o9

i had a bad dream...
either last night or this afternoon...

because it has been awhile since i last spoke to my mom
and i've been pretty busy lately...
in my dreams, it felt as if i lost my mom...
and that she will never come back to me
i cried my heart out *in my dreams that is*
this made me treasure her even more...
엄마, 많이 사랑! ^^

speaking of this afternoon
it was one of the best so far! *except it was blardy hot...*
first when i came back from school
i was wondering where did the yellow car go... and the house seemed empty...
good thing the door wasnt lock so i can go in! =)
so i had lunch and i watched tv...
while watching tv i actually fell asleep! ...
so i got feddap
i went upstairs and slept!
from 2pm till 6pm! *SYOK!!!!!^^*
but i keep waking up after an hour because it was freaking HOTTTT!!!
and i was too lazy to get up to on the aircond... haha!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16 o9

we've got the water rocket competition today
they were mostly guys and only 2 or 3 pairs of girls who participated

me and natasha were both saying we're joining for fun
*and to laugh at our rocket and other rockets?*
but ppl liked our parachute! *yay!*
too bad we couldnt make our rocket fly high enough
to make it float longer... ><

i was trying not to get wet...
but i happen to be standing at the wrong place at the wrong time...
and i got splatted by the water forced out of the rockets being launched...
there was once i remember LOOKING at the water flying towards me
and the next second... it hit my face.. o.o
then there was one when they were pumping air into the bottle behind me...
i didnt realise i was standing that near to that thingy
so when they were about to launch the rocket but it burst?
*also means that the bottle didnt go up?*
bam! my back got wet... T.T
i should stop with my 'getting splated' moments...

i just realised there are a few singing groups in class!
and they're usually active when there's no teacher in class... haha
and some can go solo too! haha
from opera to normal songs to korean... lalalal but they're all different groups...

i am one of them who sings korean... xD *and sometimes normal songs but mostly korean!*

hrm... it's the end of another week...
it's friday! its friday! lalalalala~
the DAY where i rest!
and do whatever i want to do! ^^


Saturday, April 11, 2009

this crush aint going away~ye

i never thought of going to see him...
cos i'm not a big fan...
but i got to go his showcase
at first my friend told me she had extra ticket...
but i thought... should give it to ppl who are more interested in him...
then yesterday night my friend told me he had extra ticket...
since it was last minute and they all seem to be going...
so i started asking for transport... haha
and surprisingly my auntie allowed me to go... *i was ready for a 'no' actually*

i went pyramid with natasha
but i was suppose to meet some other ppl at pyramid...
natasha's dad drove straight to the 'elephant walk' entrance...
which i arrived at about 10.45am and there was already a loongg line of ppl there...
the door wasnt open yet but still those ppl were there... @@
i need to go pyramid anyways...
and pyramid is like directly opposite and i needed to walk damn far?!
good thing there's shuttle bus service... ^^
so we eat... walk a little...
then took shuttle bus back to the 'elephant walk' entrance...
this time... the line seemed endless... @@
and the "david archuleta security" ppl were R.U.D.E!!! -.-
we had to like up anyhow...
lyn's friends were in the line...
managed to snuck in the line ... ><
we still needed to line up under the hot sun...
my clothes was soaked with sweat! @@
then we had to walk a distance down to the amphitheater
good thing it had seats! lol
went in and searched for rachel and the others...
then we wait
wait *and eat*
and wait somemore*for about 3 hours*
while waiting there were other english songs being played...
some songs had ppl singing along with it
then came one part where i liked
the crowd 'practiced' singing archie's song Crush
but i didnt sing cos i didnt know the lyrics... haha
then wait somemore*for another 1 hour*
finally there were performances
first some astro talent search 2nd runner up dude... *his dancing was good!*
then Alif from oiam! *he's supposed to be at NS but he came!*
after that was Daniel from malaysian idol... *his singing improved =) *
JJ and Ean from were mcee-s
they were giving out goody bags!
one little girl was called up stage and asked to sing Archie's song
so she sang... SHE'S SO CUTE!!!
owh... and EAN is CUTE too!!! ><
finally David Archuleta showed up!!
when he appeared... the crowd was screaming like... MAD!
i'm not a big fan but i screamed along too
AND! i screamed "i love you David" for the sake of screaming it... lmao
there was one point where i asked Rachel
"Super Junior concert how??"
" I WANNA GO!!!" replied with her excited expression...
^^ cos the screaming fans were insane! that got us excited also... xD
and so the screaming continues throughout the whole time Archie was out...
except when he was talking... haha...
okay.... i've got to admit
he is cute
owh... i remember Natasha asking me a question
"now you love Archie?" *or something similar*
"nope." i replied and her face changed... xD
while he was out almost everyone was standing...
*i felt wobbly standing as if i might fall anytime, good thing i didnt fall over... haha!*
he sang 6 songs, 4 from his album then 2 for encore which was not from his album...
the crowd sang with him for almost all his songs... *awww* especially Crush...
being the sakai not knowing the lyrics,
i borrowed natasha's lyric book*which comes with the album* xDD
other than the HEAT... and the long wait... it was alright
i'm a fan now... just not BIG enough...

*thanks for the ticket! ><*
thank you archuleta for coming to malaysia! ^^ lol

*probably because of the heat and all those screaming, my head hurts now... @@ *


10 april

there was a fire drill last friday...
first they were burning some things right below our class
so we were first to "enjoy" the smoke... and also the longest and the most... -.-
ppl in my class were complaining, saying
"teacher can v ring the bell now? after all there IS fire" *something similar, definitely not exact... xD*

they're going to change our maths and add maths teacher...
she had bleeding denggue that left us idling around for one month
*which made us missed her ALOT...*
and now THIS?! T.T
plus... i heard that the new teacher that will be teaching us didnt know how to answer simultaneous equation question... o.o
*how to survive?*
at least i still can have her for my pjk teacher....
but i reli WANT her to teach us maths AND add maths... T.T

then fire drill was on at nine am
there was a false alarm before the real one happened...
i guess they were too "excited" *impatient because they wanted to skip class*... xD
so when the real fire drill happened...
we assembled at the 'padang'
it was hot and the grass was wet... teacher insisted that we sit... . . .
then we were asked to sit at 'tapak perhimpunan'
so we sat but teacher keep asking us to move and clear up some places for some fire extinguisher thingy...
me,nasha and a asifa sat behide and didnt need to move...
but everyone infront of us moved away and it was CLEAR...
three of us was still sitting in that clearing...
except right at the back that didnt intefere with the things they were doing at the clearing...
but we felt weird sitting there when there werent anyone else near us except teachers behind... lmao~
so we moved to the side but still considered 'vip' seat... xD
* i was teacher nasha some gee steps.. xD*
and the best part was... we didnt get hit by the dust from the fire extinguisher... ^^V
almost everyone did and some managed to escape...
but i still liked that 'vip' seating... xDD

owh! i came up with some names for ppl....
*then some helped form other names too*
like my name is... "a-ber" because of my name kimberly... lmao
it's weird
and i like it! lalalalala
regina - a-gi
jia-jung - a-jung
ginsky - a-sky
natasha - a-ta
thiba - a-ba
rachel - a-ra *we prefer calling her a-chel but she prefers a-ra... so... a-ra it is*
yudhis - a-dhis
asifa - a-fa *i like this name... keke*
hui hsing - a-hsing or was it a-hui?
nitya - a-tya *haha this one is far-ney*
yuvaraj - a-raj *this one was quite hard to decide*
xin yee - a-xin
these are the few i can usually call in class... =)

then there was regina with her sims...
ki bum, regina, and 2 or 3 children...

i've got a pile of homework to finish up this weekend
and i need to make a water rocket... o.o
i've got ticket to david archuleta's showcase!
but i'm not a really big big fan.... ._.

"my name is a-ber"

Sunday, April 5, 2009


is something u cant live without.
it's apart of your everyday life...

even motivation words like...
"aim for the sky!"
is sarcasm...
you can't exactly aim for 'the sky' ryte?
okie so what if u can... what is the exact benefit for aiming for 'the sky'?

lol! okie
i'm being sarcastic myself...

let's see what sarcasm really means...
-harsh or bitter derision or irony
-a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.
*source :*

erh... "irony"?
-the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.
*same source as the above.*

ah... explained!

okie... here's a situation,
i won some events for my school sports day,
and my auntie said, "bring back rubbish only *refers to the trophies i received*"
i consider that as a compliment though it really seems like it isnt...
*sarcasm duhhh...*

don't agree with me?
try NOT to be sarcastic for a day
see the results for yourself
if u still disagree... u can always comment this post... haha.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

reminder to self: anti.emo
*as in i must try not to be*
*have been emo for the pass whole week...*

Friday, April 3, 2009

dear 오빠,

it's been awhile since i last posted
this week had been weird

first there was choki choki "war"
i won 2 sticks of choki choki but it dissapeared for 3 times
searched everywhere for it but it keeps popping out of no where
i thought there was a ghost around me...
got scared. left the choki choki there.
my friend then told me it was her who took it...
returned to class to retrive my choki choki.

then it was april fool's day
got pranked.
failed pranking ppl... -.-

i also found out that my locker... also belongs to someone else...
i dont usually use my locker so when i suddenly open it few days back
other ppls stuffs were in there... yeah. that pissed me a little... -.-
seems that the teacher cant keep proper records on who gets which locker...

and how come so many of them arent feeling well this week? ><
get well soon! ><

brought koko crunch everyday to school this week
except today... haha