2010, new me, new blog?

something like that la
i've got a new blog specially for 2010

it's a life of a 17.

and also... the chatbox is linked to this blog and my current blog...
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween~

as if we get to celebrate this in malaysia

yeay i changed the song on my blog
sweet song
though i havent look at the lyrics yet
but it sure sounds sweet and touching =)

my dear sister is coming home
and i have to sleep downstairs with the cats
and maybe the dog too?
i'm not sure for how long too
plus i have never slept in that guest room downstairs before
wonder how will my first night sleeping there be like
i'm making it sound like it's a terrible place to be in
it's not that bad
i hope
even if it is
i get to sleep on the sofa~
no worries
i hope...

it's been raining for the past few days
listening to the rain hitting the roof
feeling the cool breeze


Thursday, October 29, 2009


just realised i have a taboo word
27th oct. haha.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a secret...

to reveal?

i have actually thought of being a
thanx to my mom and sis for brainwashing me

but honestly when i look at those biography
of how models became models
are simply just try out or get spotted and...
gee... if only it was that simple

lol lol lol
i should continue daydreaming
i had dreams of being an sm artist too!

i'm good at day dreaming kan?

but anyhow, if i dont try or work hard for it,
i will never know if i'll get to do it or not right?

serious daydreamer~~~

will see what happens next~ XDD

a model? woohoo~~

into the new world~

i've been dancing to this
EVERY SINGLE TIME this songs start to play in my head
and i do mean every single time
while walking,
while sitting down on the chair,
and if i ever hears this song playing,
i'll DEFINITELY follow it dance =D

this was the 2nd snsd's song/dance i learnt
and i still think it's the best choreograph of snsd yet

keep out on a look to see me wringgling to this


i danced with heels

for the first time!

was at minn's waiting to go edwin's 16th birthday party 24th oct
they were listening to korean songs and i immediately started dancing
then minn had this pair of 3 inch heels in her room
what more to say? i wore them but did not plan to dance in them at first
but decided to finally
before that i was walking around in her room with those heels
come to think of it... it's kinda funny
but nobody bothered paying attention to me
thus, it wasnt funny xD
so then i started to dance GENIE with heels on
dance half way my feet were already starting to kill me ><
after that i danced other dances and rach danced along with me~~
LaChaTa, Sorry Sorry, Gee, Genie and Into The New World =DD

before going to minn's house,
me and rachel were discussing about what to wear and all
includes accessories
conclusion-ed: preparing for a prom but not a prom
lol i wonder if u understand that xD
i kept worrying that i overdressed
anyhow, we didnt overdress, everyone wore dress
and looked pretty
rach wore minn's dress

and at edwin's party
only a few of us danced!
you un-sporting ppl!!!
owh i danced too
*more like jumping around* XD
with HEELS!
but this one wasn't as tiring as the earlier one...
i wonder why
i guess cos the one i wore to edwin's wasnt really heels more like platform-ish?

dancing is just awesome~ =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

rachel's sweet 16

the preparation:
went pyramid last saturday just to buy her bday presents
at first rach's mom didnt allow her to go
but we got darren to ask her mom to allow her to come
and my auntie only allowed me to go like one hour before leaving home for pyramid
at least i got to go
planning to go pyramid itself was stressful -.-
so we finally met at pyramid
went skating . fun!
thiba and nat were telling me that she liked that shirt at nichii
after skating went for lunch then nichii
for the moment all 4 of us liked it
but we were thinking if we couldnt buy that for her what are we gonna buy?
decided to buy that for her while she was changing
yes bought for her and we all started saying it isnt that nice after all
hoping that rachel wouldnt want to buy it but still want it badly at the same time
so we left that shop
sadly, rach said she wanted to go back there and buy it
i decided to waste time ><
went to shoe shop
rach fell in love with one of the heels
natasha pretended to call her mom to buy it for her own
her acting was so real that even me and thiba tot she really did call her mom for that moment
thiba brought rachel out of the shop so we could pay for it
no size
still bought it cos it could fit her feet just alil bigger ><
met back
rach insisted in going back to nichii
almost wanted to buy
all three of us said it isnt nice already
found out rach actually wanted L while we alraedy bought S
panicked nat went to change it to M
good thing we managed to change it
but rach got angry at ME cos i wasted time and she couldnt buy that blouse

23 oct o9:
i reached school LATE
as usual
thiba and regina was waiting for me at the back gate
and i was greeted with big smiled on their faces
so i went to tapak perhimpunan as usual
while reg and thiba took the presents up to the class to arrange them
together with 16 pieces of ferrero rochers
then we had to go back class
as everyone was flooding in to the class
*they wow-ed right?*
when rach came in she was like
then we started to sing happy birthday to her
well i was kinda disappointed with her expressions while opening the presents
worried she didnt like them
then when she opened the kokokrunch box
*in it was Genie album and that nichii blouse*
she saw the nichii bag and she said
and started crying
me natasha thiba and reg looking at her opening her presents
almost cried along with her
still dunno what she thinks about her presents though
i kept wishing her happy birthday

rachel's sweet 16
you can view her blog for further stories

sick! T.T

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21st oct

sighs, yes i know dear blog
nobody is reading u..
all because of me!
sorry... T.T

i was thinking of watching the Simpsons halloween marathon
this 31st oct
but then i just remembered that day got exam...
5hours back to back 12 eps!
well... doubt i'll get a hold of that remote control for 5 hours straight

my sis is coming back 31st?
cannot remember lah
and i have to sleep in the guest room
so before she gets back i've got to CLEAR up the room i'm currently using now
i should wish myself good luck with that

today wasnt a very good day
wasnt in a good mood, bad tempered

let's just say it's nothing okay?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rare day

today was rare...

it was only about my daily nap
and i'm gonna tell u why its rare today

i tried sleeping once i got back from school
but i was so tempted by food
i started eating since i got back from school about 4.15pm
while watching tv til about 6pm
which i have been asking since sunday?
hey!! it ryhmes!
went up stairs trying to sleep
was on the bed for about an hour plus before FINALLY sleeping
and once i slept
i usually WILL not wake up not till at least two hours later
but today
i slept for about 3 to 4 hours

finally woke up at 9.46pm
so went down for dinner and that was it

still surprised i slept for THAT long

wonder what time i'll sleep tonight xD

Saturday, October 17, 2009


1. feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages.
2. feeling resentment because of another's success, advantage, etc.
3. inclined to or troubled by suspicions or fears of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc.

Jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins.
really? i don't know but i've heard of it

and the word Envy is the synonym of Jealousy.


everyone will get jealous somehow,
if you're denying it, pls feel free to tell me why. =)

17th oct o9

my maroon coloured w705 phone
is out of its mind
about 11 to 12 pm last night.

1. i dont know what happened. it suddenly just black out after i ended a call and was about to continue with my wifi-ing facebook and a notice popped up telling me my inbox is full.

2. patiently waited for it to revive.

3. revived. felt something was wrong with it.

4. wondering why my phone stated "No Netw. Coverage"

5. checked my inbox. empty.

6. wondering wth was wrong with my phone. i took out the battery and sim card and put them back.

7. on. same thing.

8. tried to charge the phone. notice came up mentioning. "Phone cannot be changed. You must use a Sony Ericsson battery."

9. frustrated. left it and went to sleep.

10. woke up this morning. phone still the same as i left it yesterday.

11. tried to on wifi. nothing.

12. wondering if it's actually my sim card's spoiled. replaced with my brother's sim card. same case.

13. feddap. left it aside

14. few hours later i tried to play some songs. it went playing normally for a moment then stopped. pressed stop. pressed play again. it lagged then died off.

15. it revived, showing same signs as usual. "No Netw. Coverage"

i cant charge it too
so it's dead for good right?
sad case
i bought it for about two months ago
from Sungei Wang.
so "don't buy from there"
would be a note to myself next time i wanna buy a phone.

the first time it went retarded was
only one month after i started to use it
it was the battery's fault then
i dont know
and i'm frustrated already

shall just let it be
see if i nice patient enough to wait til i get to repair my phone
wonder how am i gonna contact ppl now?
since i sms text everyday
bad luck.


16th oct o9

with nat rach and thiba

my auntie didnt let me go at first
but she suddenly allowed me to go

so went there
and the other three were at the skating rink already
but they havent enter the skating rink
dont think they were waiting for me?
but anyhow, we went in and skate
it was kinda cold
at one point i was scrapping the ice with the skates
natasha joined me soon after
then she collected the ice
it was thiba's first time and all three of us had to drag her to the middle in hopes she doesnt fall
she didnt
after that we went and eat korean food
and after that went to Etude house to try out some free manicure
sakai ppl =D
then went and eat wrapz
then we went NICHII
went trying clothes
we entered like 3 times
and bought nothing

some of us ate J.Co donuts too
no ice cream this time

i was super tired that night
after so long never exercise suddenly go skate like that
after that walk around pyramid in HEELS somemore..
leg pain until whole body pain
aigooooo...... ><


15th oct

went tractors malaysia
touring around this place was kinda tiring
cos it's big and HOT
well at least we got to see some tractors which we didnt know has specific names for each
cant remember them already
there were many of them so u can imagine us being sakais among those big big things

got good news too
we got Best Teamwork Award for that YE sales competition?

after tractors
we went Pusat Sains Negara
so empty
and quiet
= scary
well they had this Da Vinci exhibition
its kinda cool how this dude can draw and figure things out
like the human's anatomy and other gadgets
and i still dun get what is with the MonaLisa painting
anyhow, we only had two hours here
dunno teacher rushing for what

I've got nothing much to say actually
was extremely tired that day



can someone volunteer themselves for me to rant on?
in other words, let me rip your head off. =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chocolate indulgence

no i'm not talking about that secret recipe's chocolate cake
but it's almost similar to it

never fails to make me smile like an idiot.

recently i had a chocolate hiatus
it's the hols
i was even LAZY to go search for food
so i didnt get my much needed dose of chocolate
*someone said because of this, i had bad temper*
*buwahahhahahaha, probably?*
so today,
*because i was hungry anyways*
i FINALLY wasnt lazy to go grab some
*looks at the chocolate box*
*unwraps the chocolate box*
*opens the inner layer of the plastic*
*the chocolates were staring back at me*
*picks one up...*
*pops one into my mouth*
*then i started smiling like an idiot*

well dark chocolate infact,
it has that GREAT chocolate taste ever!
*of cos it cant be too bitter or else it wouldnt taste good for me*
i even asked my sis to buy back hershey's special dark from the airport when she's coming home
really hope she does!!!

then for dinner today
at about nine something pm,
my auntie came back with mcD's
*yes!! AGAIN! xD*
the first thing i reached for was
chocolate sundae
eventhough it was a lil melted
i was still smilling like a complete idiot
good thing noone was looking

my 16th birthday this year
guess what?
they got me
a cake
it was chocolate
the whole thing!
they even got me ferrero rocher too!
sweet 16 indeed~!

then there was one time
i was suppose to open a back account
but i was at the right age to open an account myself
but anyhow,
we asked the person in charge about some inquiries
*it was a she*
i was eating a bar of chocolate that time
while my auntie was doing the questioning
she asked my age
i told her 16
then i think it was my uncle who asked me why was i eating chocolate or something
then that lady said
"sweet 16 ma"

and there are times i go to 7 eleven before tuition starts
i buy cornetto's chocolate ice-cream
and my idiotic smiling face could be seen by everyone

i got baskin robbins two scoop ice cream that time
one of them was chocolate
i was indulging to it while walking around tesco
my friend saw me

seriously, i love chocolate!
i bring koko krunch to school everyday
*if i could*
a box of milo every morning before i go to school
and every other chocolate form comes in later after that.

flashbacks on my chocolate encounters
*may be repeating some of my previous posts... sorry xD*

i cant imagine if i get to go willy wonka's chocolate factory one day
*that is if it is real of cos*
if not... at least a chocolate factory like hershey's would be awesome!
i wonder if i stand not eating them!

and i know there are many of u out there as well =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

11 oct o9

got to meet some friends back in subang! ^^

ima's open house
though i did felt awkward at first
cos i didnt know what was going on
but i blended in soon enough
they were playing some band game
i only joined in like an hour later?
and i couldnt stop playing?
then went out to eat...
first batch of food already finished
so i ate rice and some left overs
and they were just starting to fill in the 2nd round of food
wrong timing
so then went back inside played with the hamsters damn cute ^^
then everyone went down for 2nd round of food
but because amerlyn didnt want to go down
i forgotten that i needed more food
and because nobody else was upstairs
me and amerlyn started to dance
then i dont know what brought me down
and i started to get glued to the game again
i played the guitar/bass
i also tried the drums
not forgetting singing too
*i sucked at the drums*
*the mic was awesome it totally absorbs your voice and your voice cant be heard =DD*
it was already ten pm
my auntie havent called me
so i went back to amerlyn's house to wait for her

my auntie finally fetched me at 11.10pm
then we went to McD's drive thru
i got *what u called that?* nuggets LARGE
chocolate sundae
*jealous edi ryte? =DD*
so much for not eating proper dinner that night

that was actually my 2nd chocolate ice-cream of the day
previously had one at around 2.30pm that afternoon
because i didnt eat enough for lunch
i went hyper that night
couldnt sleep till about 3am

mmmmmm chocolate~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

don't feel like expressing myself lately
pls dont miss me~
*not like anyone reads my blog anyways TT*

if only my chemistry teacher was like that all this while
we had a acting class on this day for chemistry
awesome teacher
she was interacting nicely with us all
which she NEVER did before
because she was being watched by a 'nazir'
to get her guru cemerlang title
she explained nicely to us
made sure we understand wth she was teaching
showed us slides on how to do the experiment properly
come and check on us to see if we were doing the experiment properly
most importantly of all, being friendly
okay... she was friendly but extra friendlier on this day
why cant she do this on every other classes
and not just on this particular class?
we of cos had to act along and pretend she's the best chemist teacher we've got
we even have to take the lab coats back home to wash after that

that's all i can remember

went genting tuesday and wednesday
didnt do much
must go with friends next time


Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Oct o9

one of the craziest days in 4B o9

first when i went school
i felt emotionless
with my head spinning slightly
ppl were kinda hyper
but this was normal
asking teacher for duit raya and asking for raya kuihs and open houses

the hyperness hit me starting from recess
nasha, yuvaraj, edwin, asifa and me
laughing throughout whole recess
in the library

there were two person presenting their oral speech
then we were to do some literature copying session
rachel, regina and me
the korean freaks
started pestering teachers to allow us to play our korean songs
first she said no
they we continued pestering
then she said only one
but when the song was already playing, teacher decided to allow us to listen to korean songs
there were alot of kpop fans in my class surprisingly
while the songs were playing,
i sang along
and when GEE was being played,
RachGina sang along and chair-danced to the chorus
it was quite a scene
somemore all 3 of us were sitting at the front-est row in class
then i dont know what happened
but we switched to english songs instead
can hear ppl singing along
but there's only about 2-3 english songs
korean songs also about 4-5
others all got

then BM!
nitya yuvaraj waikeong and alvin
came up to the front and presented their LAME act
had the whole class laughing
then when it was my turn, i was kinda worried the lively atmosphere died
good thing it did
cos at least they did laugh at some of my speeches?
i did it with JiaJung
we got good marks~ yeayy~!!
*unlike yesterday, english lisan i did badly cos i panicked and had to read the text instead =(*
then natasha and thiba's persentation
this one was great
nat's acting was good
she really cracked us up
and because it was FRIDAY!
and its the day where our BM teacher en.Maulud
usually let us make a very happy atmosphere before going home for the weekedn
so, he asked Justin to sing
*this was because he sang for his bm lisan yesterday*
so after Justin sang, it was natasha and thiba's short singing gig
the whole class were banging and stomping to the beat of
"we will we will rock u"
*they even translated it to BM just for this bm lisan XDD*

our class is situated DIRECTLY next to the teacher's room
and were very close to the main office
but we made tremendous noise
teachers from the teacher's room could hear us
students walking pass our class stood there to watch what was going on

definitely one of the best days of 4B 09

i am a 4B o9 student!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


being in stranded in an open ocean
noone in sight
feeling the icy cold waters all around u
not one life form is seen
hearing only the sound of the wind blowing
tasting the salty sea water every now and then
struggling to hold on to the float your were clinging on
you feel like there's nothing u can do
millions of questions run through your mind
*are there any creatures down there gonna eat me?*
*am i gonna freeze to death?*
*will there be anyone coming to rescue me?*
*what is happening back home?*
*will i ever make it out here alive?*
*what have i done to deserve this?*
are a few...
what happens next, only you know.

30th september o9

there was a last minute lawatan to Les' Compaque...
it was really confusing at first cos we were only given notice 45 mins before leaving
chaos here and there
finally settled down
and i got to go
*though at first i didnt know why i wanted to go*

it was 8.30am
had to call my auntie to inform her i was going for this lawatan
i only knew that this was a place where they produced malaysia's 3D animation
when we got there
those presenters didnt know how to present
it's like they dont know what they're doing
owh well... at least they did it
then it was the first time i saw the movie's trailer
didnt even know it exist
it was kinda impressive
then they brought us to tour around the company
where they edit the 3D animation
and record the voices
i like the sound-proof room
got back to school at around 12.45pm
and now i kinda like upin and ipin... XD